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Specialised Cellulose

Cellulose is produced from trees & is mainly used to make paperboard and paper. Smaller quantities are converted into a wide variety of other products such as cellophane, viscose and rayon.

Come into the factory with us to see how Specialised Cellulose fibres are grown and processed.


SAPPI Specialized Cellulose

In this movie we’re going into the SAPPI specialised cellulose factory which is located about 40 kilometres from Durban on the Umkomaas river.  Here you can see the giant plant with water vapour steaming from the chimneys as the specialised cellulose is produced.

Cellulose is extracted from wood fibre and is refined to varying degrees of purity  to produce mainly paperboard and paper. Smaller quantities of wood fibre is, however, refined to a very high level of purity so that it can be converted into a wide variety of specialised  products such as cellophane, viscose and rayon.