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How they make Lawnmower Engines

We filmed this movie on how they make lawnmower engines down in Southern Georgia, a couple of hours drive from the city of Atlanta, USA.

Briggs and Stratton have been producing engines for lawnmowers, weed eaters, compressors, powers sprayers and just about anything that needs an engine for a long time. They showed us around their enormous factory in Statesboro in the USA to film this movie.

Millions of people enjoy the feelings of pride and self reliance working in their yards with the help of small gas-powered engines.

These engines power everything from lawn mowers tillers & garden tractors to pressure washers generators in snow blowers
most in the metal parts in a gas engine are made of aluminium to keep them light.
Here fifteen hundred pound aluminium sows are melted at a temperature of 1450 degrees Fahrenheit.
Once melted the liquid aluminium will be added to a reservoir and fed the casting machines as required.
In this case the cylinder block a gas engine is being cast.
A robotic arm places a sleeve into the machine and the cylinder block is cast over in around a sleeve.
The component is quite rough after casting and so it’s moved into a trim press to trim the part.
The crankshaft is made of cast iron. It’s fitted into a crankshaft assembly and then dropped into the cylinder block and secured into place.
The piston is installed in the cylinder that we saw earlier in the casting process.
It’s a tight fit and has to be rammed into the cylinder using a specially developed technique.
The engine block is complete and after a dollop of Greece’s sprayed onto the cam gear.
The sump is fitted in sealed with a gasket to prevent any oil leaks.
The head is cast in the same way that we saw the cylinder block being cast a little earlier.
Tensioning springs will provide the correct pressure to control the opening of the inlet and exhaust valves and the head is fitted to the cylinder
block. each time a valve opens
that lets a fuel and air mixture into the engine called intake
or expelled for gases from the cylinder cheaper called exhaust
in one of the final stages the carburetors fit into the bunny
air and fuel will be precisely mixed in the carburetor to provide the correct
mixture to power the engine
the spark plug is screwed into position
it will receive a bold the electric current several times each second
and creating Park electricity to ignite the fuel in cause the person to move
the basis for the operation of the gas engine prior to testing
engine get a protective cup the keeps heat and moving parts out a breach of
the User
the gas engine is completely assembled then moves into the
test in section where to start it up for the first time the computers verify that
it meets quality standards before moving off the assembly line