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Download the video, store it on your computer and show it to your students whenever you wish.


In this video we feature the huge Betta factory in Johannesburg where they make ceramic bathroom fittings, such as toilets and basins. Betta is part of the Ceramic Industries group which also makes floor and wall tiles and a range of other ceramic and plastic items.

Toilets have been developed over the centuries into attractively designed additions to a bathroom and the operating system of a toilet is sheer genius. You may think I’m going a bit over the top, but have a look at the ‘syphonic action’ section in the video – the section explaining the process that causes a toilet to flush – and you’ll agree. And it’s all done mechanically, without electricity or any other power source!

This is a great video to show to school students, it encompassed many of the Technology syllabus requirements and is packed with information in it’s 6 minute duration.